Date:  March 14th 2016                           Judge:  Val Moss

Competition:   Club

Category:     Small Prints              Subject:   Open

Name Title Placing
Wayne Alexander Anybody Out There? 1
Lindy Fullarton Hmm..This Looks Heavy 2
Lindy Fullarton Apeeling Character 3

Category:     Colour Prints            Subject:   Open

Name Title Placing
Kerrie Anderson Threads 1
Janet Rogerson Are You My Mother? 2
Dale Gaylard Farmer Boy 3

Category:     Colour Prints                    Set Subject:   Minimalism

Name Title Placing
Dale Gaylard Emma Minimal 1
Ken Riches Fishing in the Clouds 2
Ken Riches Pelican in the Pink 3

Category:   Monochrome Prints       Subject:   Open

Name Title Placing
Janet Rogerson The Boat Shack 1
Kerrie Anderson What are you looking at? 2
Malcolm Barker Waxing Crescent 3

Category:   Monochrome Prints       Subject:   Minimalism

Name Title Placing
Janet Rogerson Soft as a Feather 1
Ken Riches Fishing in the Sky 2
Fiona Brett Talking but no one’s listening 3

Category: EDI’s                      Subject:   Open

Name Title Placing
Murray Howard-Brooks The Sorceress 1
Murray Howard-Brooks Allenandra 2
Wayne Alexander Fun in the Air 3

 Category: EDI’s                      Subject:   Minimalism

Name Title Placing
Fiona Brett A Place to Reflect 1
Dale Gaylard Floating 2
Arthur Grant Cut Crystal 3